Toni Bird Jones

Toni Bird Jones is a novelist and short story writer in adventure-thriller and literary genres. Her stories address moral questions of the human dilemma and are often set in exotic places.

She spent ten years in the sailing community of the Caribbean and South Florida, working on and delivering boats to the Lesser Antilles, the Bahamas and along the east coast of the United States. She received her U.S. Coast Guard OPUV Captain’s License in Puerto Rico while based in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Today, she and her husband sail the San Francisco Bay on their Erickson 29, Hai Lien.

For twenty years she ran her San Francisco-based graphic design studio, Toni Bird Jones
Design, before opening a graphics-based business center in a community north of San Francisco.

She studied Creative Writing at University of California, Berkeley and University of Arizona, Tucson. For the past four years she has worked with writing mentor Nina Schuyler, author of The Translator and The Painting.



Chart image courtesy of OceanGrafix.