THE MEASURE OF ELLA: A thriller set in the Bahamas, South Florida and Cuba

ELLA MORGAN, a hard-working culinary student and skilled sailor, is within reach of owning a restaurant — a dream she had shared with her late father. But when her only inheritance, her father’s tugboat, is judged worthless, she finds herself broke. Alone in the world, Ella fears her dream of a better life is slipping away. When a respected delivery captain approaches her with a lucrative but dangerous offer, she accepts, seeing it as a rare opportunity to raise the cash she needs. What she doesn’t know: it’s the captain’s last drug run. Loyalties will be betrayed and bridges burned.

In the employ of a charismatic drug lord, Ella sets sail on what becomes a mortally perilous journey, encountering a deadly team of modern pirates, a violent storm at sea and a betrayal that nearly takes her life. She emerges the victor, and a wealthy woman, through courage and grit – but she has blood on her hands: She has killed a man in a fight to save another’s life, inadvertently orphaning a young boy. Believing her new wealth to be tainted blood money unless it can do some good, she creates a plan for the boy’s financial support. But to implement it and regain her moral footing, she must travel to Cuba and reenter the heart of the underworld one last time.